Hurricane Relief

By Peter Skopec
Program Associate

Hurricane Sandy hit our state hard on Monday and Tuesday, and many in our communities are suffering in the storm's aftermath. NJPIRG hopes that you, your friends and family escaped this week's frightening events unscathed. The images and stories coming from those hit hardest by the storm are heartbreaking. Our concern and best wishes go out to everyone harmed by the storm.

Hurricane Sandy dealt a terrible blow to many New Jersey communities and thousands of residents are still facing widespread flooding and power outages. And it will be a long ordeal to repair all of the damage, once the floodwaters have receded and power has been restored.

At moments like these, it's important to help our neighbors in need. Please take a moment to support the Red Cross's relief efforts in hurricane-ravaged communities.

If you're willing to do more, you can find ways to help with the relief effort by calling the state's emergency volunteer hotline at 1-800-JERSEY-7 (1-800-537-7397). Live operators will match you with local volunteer opportunities.

For those of you who have been affected by the storm and need assistance yourselves, you can get information on state and local hurricane relief resources by calling 2-1-1 or checking this online directory.

Let's work together to get our communities back on their feet.


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Sea tempest Sandy hit our state hard on Monday and Tuesday, and a lot of people in our groups are enduring in the storm's consequence. NJPIRG trusts that you, your loved ones got away from this week's startling occasions unscathed. The pictures and stories originating from those hit hardest by the storm are awful. Our worry and all the best go out to everybody hurt by the storm.interview transcription services

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