The Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling has allowed secretive groups to freely and unaccountably spend millions of dollars to sway public opinion on behalf of a few anonymous individual donors and corporations. Wealthy individuals and other, often undisclosed spenders are gaining unprecedented influence in our elections.

Here’s the good news: New Jersey can send a powerful message to Congress that things have to change by passing a State resolution against Citizens United. Let’s get Big Money out of American politics before it drowns out the voices of average voters once and for all.

As attack ads flood the airwaves, we don’t need any reminder that Big Money is corroding our democracy, as Super PACs and other, often secret sources spend record-breaking sums in this presidential election.

But right now, the New Jersey State Assembly can do something to close the floodgates on unlimited spending, and pass a pending resolution to overturn Citizens United and reclaim our democracy.

This Thursday, the New Jersey Assembly’s State Government Committee will be considering a resolution to put our state on the record against this broken campaign finance system. The resolution has been stuck in Committee for more than a year. Now is the best chance we have to put New Jersey on the map in opposition to Citizens United and Big Money in our elections.

Tell the New Jersey Assembly to move this resolution forward now.

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United, wealthy individuals and other, often undisclosed spenders have been gaining unprecedented influence in American politics and now threaten to drown out the voices of average voters once and for all.

New Jersey would be the ninth state in the union to go on record against Citizens United. Passing a state resolution against this broken campaign finance system will send a powerful message to Congress that things have to change. Please join us and the New Jersey for the Overturn of Citizens United Coalition in calling for action.

It’s time for New Jersey to go on record: Stand with NJPIRG members and thousands of activists across the state by urging the State Assembly to pass a resolution against Citizens United and Big Money in American politics.

Take our e-action here



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