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Gov. Christie's Veto Means More Delays for Health Reform

Satement of NJPIRG State Director, Jen Kim
For Immediate Release

TRENTON—“Gov. Christie had the opportunity to lead the way on bringing down health care costs for New Jerseyans, but his veto puts the federal government in the driver seat.”

“We know our state best and could have taken charge to establish a strong, pro-consumer exchange, now. This veto means less control, more delays, and no relief for New Jersey's small businesses.”

“A New Jersey-run health insurance exchange would help our families and small businesses fight rising health care costs. Thousands of New Jerseyans are struggling with high cost health care or minimal coverage, and 1.3 million have no health care at all.”

“The exchange will enable individuals and small businesses to have access to higher quality, more affordable care. These two groups previously lacked the negotiating power that large businesses have when shopping for plans.”

“Small businesses in New Jersey have been struggling to afford health care for their employees and are left with the choice of either not covering them, or not having the employees at all. Bringing small businesses together in one large pool will help them thrive.”

“Gov. Christie could still decide to run a state-federal partnership exchange. Once again, New Jersey consumers are left to wait and see.”

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